Our Services

At Thompson Gray, our clients rely on our numerous services to assist in areas such as programmatic, resource, and logistics management support.

Having consistent and professional support is a top priority for our various clients. Our services cover the needs of business process management, program and project management, General Fund Enterprise Business System Enterprise Resource Planning (GFEBS ERP), public works, resource management services, and training programs.

Audit Support

Thompson Gray has emerged as a proven industry leader in support of Army Audit Readiness and Remediation efforts.

Business Process Management

Our BPM systems enable our clients to pursue their business initiatives seamlessly by ensuring our software provides timely and accurate business solutions and information.

Program & Project Management

Our clients rely on the valuable information we provide. These program and project management demands are supplied by the highly skilled professionals who consistently engage the needs of our clients.

Resource Management

Our priority is to ensure each client receives the necessary support for their business goals, ranging from data integration, analysis and reporting to the quality assurance of received data from various sources.

General Funds Enterprise Business System (GFEBS)

We continue to provide our GFEBS clients with various necessary business solutions, including technical design testing and models, helpdesk services, treasury disbursing, and audit support.

Public Works

The public works clients require the business solution programs we provide to optimize the performance of their orders, their data analysis and reporting, as well as the quality of these solutions.

Training Programs

With our clients, there is an endless demand for training programs. From command direct support and Defense Connect Online to site monitoring and deployment command support, we continue to meet and supply these ongoing demands.

Robotic Process Automation

By creating powerful and automated processes, RPA can consolidate thousands of repetitive and time-consuming tasks.

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