Thompson Gray Employees Recognized For Excellence

THOMPSON GRAY EMPLOYEES RECOGNIZED FOR EXCELLENCE—Five Thompson Gray employees have been officially recognized by their customers for support that exceeded the customer expectations.

Ms. Amanda Blevins, a financial analyst in PM Air Warrior was recognized for her overall expertise and detailed knowledge of GFEBS which significantly contributed to the success of the Air Warrior program.  Amanda quickly identified the root cause of historically lagging disbursement rates and implemented corrective action.  Col. Marc Wilson was extremely impressed with Amanda’s work and noted her expertise at the conclusion of an internal audit.

Ms. Lyndsey Shelton, a Thompson Gray Program Manager, was recognized by the AMCOM ALC as being “instrumental in resolving discrepancies between LMP and GFEBS which allowed the team to balance their books.   Lyndsey did not quit the task until issues were resolved.”

Ms. Barbara Heath, a program analyst in AMRDEC.  Her customer says “ Barbara’s excellent support ensured that over a thousand contract requirements packages were thoroughly reviewed and processed….”

Ms. Von Lafavor, a financial analyst in PM Fixed Wing, was recognized by the Business Office Chief for having “unique skills in financial execution, contracts, planning, and programming have made her an extremely valuable asset to the Business Team.  Von has provided valuable experience and expertise within the financial management aspect of her job and assists with other areas within Fixed Wing when necessary.”

Mr. Matt Bentley, Program Manager, was recognized by the PM Fixed Wing Business Office Chief for being “the “go to person” when it comes to GFEBS. Matt’s responsiveness and positive enthusiasm result in tremendous team work.   Without exception, Matt does his job professionally and on time.”

The employees were presented with customer letters at an ‘all hands’ luncheon.  In making the presentation, Thompson Gray President Ron Gray said, “The success we enjoy as a company is directly attributable to the dedication of our people. “  He continued by saying, “A customer who takes the time to recognize their support contractor speaks volumes about the dedication and environment of the entire company.”

Thompson Gray founder and CEO Sheila Thompson remarked, “These are just some of the examples of the outstanding people who work at Thompson Gray, as well as fine caliber of our customers.”