Thompson Gray Christmas Events

Lindsey Warren, Sara & Tyler Murphree, Aaron Richards, Alli Bramlett

Paul & Becky Brady

At Thompson Gray we recently had our Christmas events where we invited out all of our employees to celebrate the season and the great year we had. We had two parties, one in the Virginia area and one in Huntsville, Alabama. Great fun was had by all. Check out the pictures below from the events.

Cecile & Eugene Pfeiffer

Dorothy and Tony Williams


Jessica & Cole Olive

Ashley & Colby Lipham, Jessica & Cole Olive

Kristi St Louis & Abbi Malone

Ashley Lipham, Lyndsey Shelton, Allison Henderson

Lynn Marion, Jessica Olive, Lyndsey Shelton, Ashley Lipham

Katie & Will Freeman

Brandy & Dan Corbett

Kristi Daggett & Wesley Samuels

Jessica Olive, Rachael Brant, Dani Edde, Kristi Henry, Valerie Bonner

Abbi Malone & Gretchen Baizt

Kathey & Barry Gosnell

Kathy McMurry

Wendy West

Jennie & James Staub

Mike & Ashley Anderton

Rachael Brant & Bob Pierce

Jennifer & Eric McClure

Eljay Littlejohn, Ana Wimbush, Taylor Buffington

Ana & Mario Wimbush

Luis & Raquel Martinez

Tony & Hande Pappas, Terri & Ken Schulze

Martha & Kyle Newman

Luis Martinez, Eljay Littlejohn, Wes Davis

Quyen Mark, Andy & Jennifer Graser, Ana & Mario Wimbush

Dave & Mary Ann Salinas

Christina & Matt Spradlin

Cindy & Jerry McKelvey

Whitley & Brent Taylor

Stephanie Chomskis & Christina Spradlin

Meeka Fellows & Adrienne Stringfellow

Stephanie & Jeremy Gibbs

Kathy Davis, Cecile Pfeiffer, Jean Ann Snowbarger, Nancy Moriarty

Kristi & Chris Henry