Employee Spotlight – Jessica Olive

Name:  Jessica Olive                 Job Title: Financial Audit Analyst, PEO Missiles and Space Program Manager, Thompson Gray   Responsibilities: As Financial Audit Analyst for Missiles and Space, not only do I complete audit packages for the Program Executive Office, I am also responsible for managing the coordination of […]

Employee Spotlight – Leah Gnaoui

Name:  Leah (Crocker) Gnaoui   About Me: I grew up in southern Indiana in a town of less than two thousand.  We had lots of corn, one ‘Bring your Tractor to School Day’ and zero stoplights.  From there I went to Indiana University (where else?!) and majored in Economics and Nonprofit Management.  After graduating, I […]

Myra ‘Nadine’ Maack Employee Spotlight

Name: Myra ‘Nadine’ Maack                     Job Title and Responsibilities: I am currently assigned to the US Army PEO, PM Aviation Systems Headquarters (AS HQ), PM Aviation Networks and Mission Planning (ANMP), Aviation Mission Planning System (AMPS),  Centralized Aviation Flight Records System (CAFRS), and FliteScene Software  Programs.   […]

James McArthur Employee Spotlight

Here is a little information to help you get to know one of our employees a little better, James McArthur. He has been an employee with Thompson Gray since 2/2015.   About Me: Performed IT and IT Management for many companies – Huntsville Hospital Systems, SCI, SUMMA Technologies, XEROX, Corp of Engineers, Dell, US Army […]