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Thompson Gray: Encompassing the Values of Service

Welcome to Thompson Gray. Since 2008 we have been working hand-in-hand with Department of Defense (DoD) clients to help them secure budget management, project management, and resource management in the field of General Fund Enterprise Business Systems and public works.

It isn’t just our goal to serve our clients, but it is our purpose. In fact, it’s a mentality that is ingrained in us. From the offset, Thompson Gray has been founded on the values of service.

Sheila Thompson, founder and CEO, has spent her career of 28 years in the public service sector, earning her the Department of the Army Meritorious Superior Civilian Service Award in 2008.  This value started at the root of who we are and it is made obvious in our everyday efforts with our clients.

It is understood in our company, from top to bottom, how important accurate and instant communication is, especially within the industry of defense. There is no length we are not willing to go for our clients to ensure they are satisfied and remain confident in our abilities to offer them unmatched support.

Our track record speaks for itself, but we would definitely like to speak with you personally to see how we can serve you. We believe you will find no better option than here at Thompson Gray.

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