Thompson Gray billboard campaign sets tone for TEAMS process.

As part of its participation in MDA’s Technical, Engineering and Advisory Management Support (TEAMS) contract process, Thompson Gray is raising visibility through the use of billboards at key locations near Redstone Gates 1 and 9. The billboards emphasize Thompson Gray’s extensive experience relevant to the TEAMS Business Operations contract the company is pursuing. The billboards also highlight the strength of Thompson Gray’s partners — Intrepid, MCR, MTS, Qualis, Quantech and Seabrook Solutions.

The billboard on Martin Road is a large vinyl bulletin, while the unit on I-565 (just west of the Space and Rocket Center) is a digital board. Note the pink color in that photo is not accurate — that is just due to daytime photo limitations of the digital medium.

Thompson Gray Employees Recognized For Excellence

THOMPSON GRAY EMPLOYEES RECOGNIZED FOR EXCELLENCE—Five Thompson Gray employees have been officially recognized by their customers for support that exceeded the customer expectations.

Ms. Amanda Blevins, a financial analyst in PM Air Warrior was recognized for her overall expertise and detailed knowledge of GFEBS which significantly contributed to the success of the Air Warrior program.  Amanda quickly identified the root cause of historically lagging disbursement rates and implemented corrective action.  Col. Marc Wilson was extremely impressed with Amanda’s work and noted her expertise at the conclusion of an internal audit.

Ms. Lyndsey Shelton, a Thompson Gray Program Manager, was recognized by the AMCOM ALC as being “instrumental in resolving discrepancies between LMP and GFEBS which allowed the team to balance their books.   Lyndsey did not quit the task until issues were resolved.”

Ms. Barbara Heath, a program analyst in AMRDEC.  Her customer says “ Barbara’s excellent support ensured that over a thousand contract requirements packages were thoroughly reviewed and processed….”

Ms. Von Lafavor, a financial analyst in PM Fixed Wing, was recognized by the Business Office Chief for having “unique skills in financial execution, contracts, planning, and programming have made her an extremely valuable asset to the Business Team.  Von has provided valuable experience and expertise within the financial management aspect of her job and assists with other areas within Fixed Wing when necessary.”

Mr. Matt Bentley, Program Manager, was recognized by the PM Fixed Wing Business Office Chief for being “the “go to person” when it comes to GFEBS. Matt’s responsiveness and positive enthusiasm result in tremendous team work.   Without exception, Matt does his job professionally and on time.”

The employees were presented with customer letters at an ‘all hands’ luncheon.  In making the presentation, Thompson Gray President Ron Gray said, “The success we enjoy as a company is directly attributable to the dedication of our people. “  He continued by saying, “A customer who takes the time to recognize their support contractor speaks volumes about the dedication and environment of the entire company.”

Thompson Gray founder and CEO Sheila Thompson remarked, “These are just some of the examples of the outstanding people who work at Thompson Gray, as well as fine caliber of our customers.”

Thompson Gray, Inc. Recognized on the Inc. 500|5000 Fastest Growing Companies List for 2014

Thompson Gray, Inc. has recently landed the 43rd spot on Inc. magazine’s 500|5000, an exclusive ranking of the nation’s fastest-growing private companies. Thompson Gray ranks as the fastest growing company in the dynamic Huntsville, Alabama market, 2nd fastest growing in the state of Alabama, and 3rd fastest growing in the government services category.

Thompson Gray was successful in meeting the goals of the Inc. 500|5000, which compiles the list by using percentage revenue growth from 2010-13.

With a 3-year-growth of 5,753%, Thompson Gray made the cut during the most competitive year in the list’s history where the top 500 companies had to have achieved a minimum of 918.59% in three-year revenue growth. Thompson Gray currently delivers unique expertise to its growing list of clients through a supporting staff of over 75 employees and consultants. Founded in 2008, Thompson Gray is a leading provider of programmatic, financial and IT support to Department of Defense clients across the country, with particular expertise in GFEBS implementation and training.

Thompson Gray Employees Recognized by Department of Army at ASMC PDI

Thompson Gray employees, Pat Riley, Director Functional Support, and Leah Crocker, Program Manager for Functional Support Programs, have been recognized by the Department of Army for their work on a team developing the Procure-to-Pay (P2P) initiative.  The formal announcement of this award will be made at the American Society of Military Comptrollers (ASMC) national Professional Development Institute (PDI) in late May.  ASMC is the premier professional organization of resource managers and comptrollers across all services and OSD.  The PDI is the venue in which military departments present prestigious recognition and awards.  The P2P team is recognized with the DA “FY2013 Resource Management Award for Cost Savings Initiative” in the Above ACOM category.

P2P is an effort directed by the Defense Business Systems Management Committee to explore direct disbursing from Department of Treasury to vendors and create a portal in GFEBS to allow vendors to conduct Supplier self-service (SUS) actions.

“Congratulations Pat and Leah.  The performance of this team is exemplary,” said Ron Gray, President of Thompson Gray.  “This is a tangible acknowledgement by the Army through a recognized group of professional colleagues for the outstanding support you provide at the highest levels of DA and OSD.”

The team accomplished objectives with the Procure-to-Pay (P2P) pilot and approved to permission to ‘go live’ in December 2011.  To date the effort has maintained a “zero difference” reconciliation rate with official Treasury balances for 22 consecutive months. In FY 13 the program disbursed 9,615 GFEBS payments with a value of $287M to over 1500 vendors.  The program has ensured steady continual growth exceeding projections.

P2P has achieved electronic processing rate of 90% since SUS pilot began; and, 99% for the last six months.  Further the program has 100% accuracy rate for SUS invoices matched to acceptance.  Also, acceptance of goods and posting in GFEBS occurs in the very same day.  The team has developed training material, trained users and provided problem resolution support.  They have also shared lessons learned with Department of Navy and Defense Agency Initiative Group.

This effort is enabling closer coordination and system interface between Department of Treasury and GFEBS systems, enhances the audit trail of a GFEBS transaction, helps to eliminate unmatched disbursements and reduces workload.  A Cost Benefit Analysis for SUS alone estimates a $147M savings once FOC is achieved.

“We are extremely proud of Pat and Leah, not only for this recognition but for the excellence they demonstrate day-to-day in support of our customers,” Mr. Gray concluded.

Thompson Gray Inc Website

Thompson Gray: Encompassing the Values of Service

Welcome to Thompson Gray. Since 2008 we have been working hand-in-hand with Department of Defense (DoD) clients to help them secure budget management, project management, and resource management in the field of General Fund Enterprise Business Systems and public works.

It isn’t just our goal to serve our clients, but it is our purpose. In fact, it’s a mentality that is ingrained in us. From the offset, Thompson Gray has been founded on the values of service.

Sheila Thompson, founder and CEO, has spent her career of 28 years in the public service sector, earning her the Department of the Army Meritorious Superior Civilian Service Award in 2008.  This value started at the root of who we are and it is made obvious in our everyday efforts with our clients.

It is understood in our company, from top to bottom, how important accurate and instant communication is, especially within the industry of defense. There is no length we are not willing to go for our clients to ensure they are satisfied and remain confident in our abilities to offer them unmatched support.

Our track record speaks for itself, but we would definitely like to speak with you personally to see how we can serve you. We believe you will find no better option than here at Thompson Gray.